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Who we are

Looking for an easy way to donate to a cause of your choice?

Want to help, but not sure how?

Charity Online Netwrk aims to provide a one-stop location where organsations and projects can register their cause, and receive donations in a quick and easy way. The hope is to eventually provide 3rd party verification, to allow potential donors to see confirmation that the organisation they are giving to is legitimate.

We are on the process of developing this service, but unfortunately it is not available yet. We hope to launch the new site in the next 6 months.


How it works - Organisations / Projects: 
Any Charitable Organisations or Project can register with Charity Online Network. Simply fill out a comprehensive online form and submit it for review. Usually within a few days either your application is accepted, or we may request some follow-up questions, to allow for further reference checking.


How it works - Donors:

Either browse the charities and projects, or search for a particular charity of your choice. 

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